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The QlikView Business Discovery platform delivers true self-service BI that empowers

business users by driving innovative decision-making

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Web Development

BusinessIntelligent has significant experience in

developing and deploying custom built solutions for clients.

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Business Consulting

Our unique skill set is the ability to be able to quantify and

understand that requirement and deploy a solution that enables your business to achieve.

Business Intelligence

BusinessIntelligent continues to work with some of South Africas most admired companies. Our focus and use of expert services and data scientists in order to help customers understand complex problems makes us more than just a technology vendor, but a trusted partner.


Application Development

BusinessIntelligent expertise in the field of application development allows us to  provide customers with development solutions across multiple technology platforms that are focused on solving, automating or improving their business problems.


Data Management

As a trusted partner to our customers in the management of their data environment and development, we ensure that the entire reporting value chain is covered. This minimizes risks to our customers and ensures that we are able to deliver world class solutions.


Business Consulting

BusinessIntelligent’s expertise in the field of business consulting ensures that we are more than just technology providers but partners in our customers success. Our team of consultants bring industry expertise to our customers and work to improve and enable decision making within their business.


Business Intelligent is now 100% owned by Decision Inc., a newly incorporated entity.

Decision Inc. is a merger between Business Intelligent (a leading QlikView partner in Africa), ASYST Intelligence (longest standing SAP BusinessObjects partner in Africa), and the Microsoft division of DigiQuill, a Cyest Corporation company.

Decision Inc. has been created to design, build and enable decision support solutions for clients. We will continue to build on our market leading QlikView software and consulting capabilities, but we now have SAP BusinessObjects, Roambi, MicroStrategy and Microsoft (SharePoint and SQL) capacity to assist our clients reach their decision making goals. In addition, we now have a greater ability to deliver on decision architecture, with the addition of more business analysis and architecture resources.

Decision Inc. has a unique understanding of decision-making processes and related solutions. Our value proposition is based on the provision of both technical skills and relevant business knowledge across the BI value chain. This will help our clients to realise maximum value from their investment in decision support technology and enable them to make better decisions, faster

Decision Inc. is headed up by CEO Nick Bell, who started the highly successful Qlikview company BusinessIntelligent in 2006.

Visit DECISION INC for more infomation

Why Us?

These items are core to our value proposition and critical to our success. Our focus on the customer and their business has ensured our business remains a leader in its field

Engagement Methodology
Industry Expertise
Technical Excellence
Customer Partners

Technology Partners

Our Clients

Across all sectors BusinessIntelligent continues to be selected by South Africas top companies. To assist in the improvement of their business. We continue to work with them and are trusted advisors in the field of data analytics, business Intelligence and data management


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