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BusinessIntelligent is a leading provider of business intelligence and application development solutions in South Africa. Our Value Proposition focuses on delivering solutions to customers that enable them to improve their competitiveness and enable their people to make better quality decisions.

The business intelligence field is a billion dollar industry globally and with the global economy in such uncertainty, it is critical for companies to make the right decisions the first time. Companies can no longer afford to be reactive or allow their competitors to control the markets they play in, they need to be predictive, proactive and informed. Our company focuses on empowering users by providing them with information about their business and leading them on a journey to improve.

BusinessIntelligent is a leading provider of business intelligence and application development solutions in South Africa.

The success of our value proposition lies in the companies we work with and assist. We are proud to call some of South Africa’s most admired and successful companies our clients, and across all clients they are in the top 5 performing companies in their sector. Clients include SAB, Harmony Gold, ArcelorMittal, Simba, Barloworld, Foodcorp, SABMiller, Cobra, TSB Sugar and Legalwise to name a few.

In all of our clients we are the preferred vendor for business intelligence and some of the highlights include assisting companies to deliver a 4 x Return on Investment on the implementation of their software in the first year and grown their business to over 700 BI users. Other companies have seen productivity improvements in excess of 40% within 2 months of the implementation of a solution, and all have found significant productivity improvement and cost saving by providing their users with access to reporting daily.

BusinessIntelligent approach to business intelligence has been disruptive to the market and our engagement philosophy has proven unique. Through partnering with the fastest growing business intelligence vendor globally and in South Africa, QlikView, a truly disruptive technology, we ensure that we remain innovative and can provide our clients with new ideas and technologies to facilitate their improvement.

Our Service Offering:

  • 🌎

    Business Intelligence

    BusinessIntelligent offers world class business intelligence and web application solutions, serving clients across all industries internationally.

  • Improve Performance

    We help companies improve their performance and operational effectiveness

  • Analysis of Data

    We allow the management of information, reporting and analysis of data to give immediate and comprehensive business insights which allows for better business decision making.

  • Business consulting

    Our unique skill set quantifies the requirement and deploys a solution that enables business achievement.

  • Innovation

    A culture of innovation is created within the organisation through a constant process of discovery and generating new insights. These insights, when followed by action, provide increased capabilities which impact business results.

Our Mission is to create success for our customers and ensure their business’s vitality

Our core messaging:


The cornerstone of BusinessIntelligent is the delivery of tangible benefits through business intelligence, software and consulting that offers tangible value to clients by harnessing internal knowledge and managing business transformation towards business success.


BusinessIntelligent prides itself on the strength of its employees. Our focus on only hiring exceptional skills and our culture of excellence, enables a constant process of discovery and generating new insights about business, people and their environment


BusinessIntelligent’s continuous learning, knowledge base and proven methodologies are combined to ensure clients’ business vitality.

🕔Track record

BusinessIntelligent has a proven track record, having successfully helped companies improve their performance and operational effectiveness. We continue to be trusted consultants to South
Africa’s top companies.


BusinessIntelligent’s cross industry experience as well as the extensive knowledge base is drawn upon to continually offer tangible value to clients.


Continual business growth and vitality through partnership collaboration, and value- add.

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