Case Studies

Case Studies

ArcelorMittal Case Study

ArcelorMittal is the world’s leading steel and mining company.  Guided by a philosophy to produce safe, sustainable steel, it is the leading supplier of quality steel products in all major markets including automotive, construction, household appliances and packaging.  ArcelorMittal operates in 60 countries and employs 260,000 people worldwide.

ArcelorMittal South Africa established a need for a business intelligence solution in 2011 and went through a rigorous process of researching and deciding on a business intelligence solution to take to Proof of Concept phase. “After our brief introduction to QlikView towards the end of 2011, I was quite skeptical that one business analytics tool can be so flexible and powerful.  But I was mistaken – BusinessIntelligent proved to us that a workable solution, with our own SAP Human Resources data, was possible within only 5 days!” said Tobie Otto, Senior Consultant – SAP COE.

“We decided to change our Business Analytics   Strategy and give BusinessIntelligent a chance to   add value to our business.  In the last 6 months we   have managed to create more than 10 QlikView   solutions in several business environments, such as   Human Resources, Treasury, Accounts Payable,   Accounts Receivable, Procurement & Logistics and   Plant Maintenance.  The users of these models   agree that these solutions are extremely user friendly, save them many hours of combining data from different sources and are very easy to use.”

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SAB Limited Case Study

SAB is the second-largest listed company on the JSE Securities Exchange, as well as South Africa’s leading producer-distributor of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages and one of the nation’s largest manufacturing firms. The group runs SAP across its operations to manage its sales, finance, marketing, and supply chain functions, producing high data volumes across multiple systems in a complex IT structure.

The problem

In this milieu, SAB struggled to measure and manage output and perform data analysis. Business users employed various reporting tools to extract and analyse data, but these solutions proved complex and ineffective.

The company set out 18 months ago to find a solution that would allow it to combine and analyse multiple data sets across different systems. The solution had to be easy to use, fast and insightful in SAB’s ongoing quest to measure and improve operational efficiency. It also had to handle vast amounts of data (230 000 rows of data are added every day in the operational system alone).

The solution

SAB evaluated QlikView, introduced to it by the vendor’s implementation partner, BusinessIntelligent. SAB’s Operations department did a proof of concept against their requirements that outperformed the corporate IT alternative in terms of fit for purpose. After the proof-of-concept demonstrations, test users indicated their satisfaction with QlikView on all counts. SAB purchased 500 licences together with the QlikView SAP Connector and proceeded to roll it out country-wide.

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Foodcorp Case Study

In its quest to be one of South Africa’s most innovative food businesses, Foodcorp, the country’s third largest food company, has well positioned itself as a leading manufacturer of great-tasting branded food products.

While distributing most of its products nationally to major retail and wholesale outlets, independent retailers, forecourts and the food services industry, Foodcorp also exports a number of products to Western Europe, the Middle East, Far East and the rest of Africa.

Operating 10 divisions through a decentralised business model, Foodcorp identified an urgent need to consolidate their reporting from all their different divisions, and across the full range of their brands.

As per Foodcorp’s initial brief, too much time was being spent on collating data and making sense of complex reports. A dynamic tool was needed to enable the company to accurately determine capacity, and quickly identify trends and analysis of data that would indicate where the business is, and isn’t performing to its full potential.

Traditionally there has been a strong reliance on a few key individuals to collate and analyse this data, and this concentration of skills can be problematic in the long run. A key objective was to put the data into a format that is clear to understand and widely accessible to decision makers on a self-service basis.

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Quality Sugars Case Study

Seeking a quick and cost-­‐effective approach to its need for integrated sales analytics applications,Quality Sugars, the sales arm of TSB Sugar, one of the largest sugar producers in SA, approached BusinessIntelligent to address this need.

BusinessIntelligent, a leading provider of business intelligence and application development solutions in South Africa, responded to Quality Sugars’ plea by illustrating the effectiveness of QlikView BI technology. A partner to BusinessIntelligent, QlikView is the fastest-­growing business intelligence vendor globally and in South Africa, and the company ensures that new ideas and technologies facilitate the client’s improvement by consolidating reporting data.

The latter function particularly appealed to Quality Sugars, with QlikView further supporting the company’s mandate for a quick and cost-effective application of services. In particular need of an application assisting in an integrated approach to its sales analysis, Quality Sugars set out to investigate the feasibility and capability of an in-­memory business analysis and reporting solution – which was perfectly matched by the benefits and functionality of QlikView.

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LegalWise Case Study

LegalWise is a provider of affordable face to face legal assistance and advice, and also provides access to the services of a lawyer for those LegalWise members who need legal representation. Their reputation is such that one phone call by the company’s legal counsellors is often sufficient to bring most transgressors to their senses.

LegalWise has over 80 branches countrywide and is served by a highly experienced panel of 1,200 affiliated attorneys.

Previously, data collection and reporting costs were hidden in the operating costs of the company, which made it difficult to see and account for the value that went into gathering and extracting of information from previous sources.

LegalWise realized that they needed a tool to help them with improving the accuracy of reporting, setting a standard format for all reporting, increasing the scope of the reporting and also to enhance the extent of the data analysis for value add to the business.

Based on a recommendation from a business partner, the company decided to implement the QlikView solution from BusinessIntelligent. The solution contributed immensely to timely, more accurate reporting and prompt decision making. With easier access to data, strengths and weaknesses are easily identified for continuous improvement opportunities.

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